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hello i have a question about joining.does star counter track where my website was seen at or just keeps tracks of the hits.i joined a place and all they do is tell you you got a hit but not from where.i need one to tell me what advertising site i got the hit from.will this site do that for me..thanks
I don't know about star counter but Statcounter definitely tracks the referrer when the information is available.

The information on the referrer is available under these circumstance:

1) your have installed the full verison of the tracking code (including a javascript portion) on all the pages of your website - if that's MySpace forget it.

2) your visitor is not blocking referrer informaiton from being captured

3) your visitor has not disabled javascript

4) your visitor has not disabled third party images

5) the link that brings the visitor to your web page was not opened through javascript - in that case it registers as no referrer
canadacatman said:
do you know of one then..that will allow me to see what website my website was clicked on through
Canadacatman... This is the StatCounter forum. You asked a question and Christina gave you a very complete answer. (Her answer is "yes", StatCounter will give you that information, under the circumstances she describes). Obviously, you cannot control the browser settings of your visitors, or the code in a page that a visitor is referred FROM to your site, unless YOU have control of that referring site.

I Need Help With One More Thing..i Signed Up And It Works Fine..but When I Click On See Where The Traffic Came From It Dont Show Mw..could You Help Me With It..thanks Jessie...
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