Tracking Wireless Hits

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I don't see hits that come from wireless devices --- Blackberry's and the like. Would love to see this, as I'm "missing" a lot of traffic.
Hmmmm... that's very interesting. How do they identify themselves, I wonder?

But is your website actually accessible to such devices? Do they normally have javascript enabled? I've never used one myself.

Do you have one of these? Just access your own site and see what you get in the log.
I have, and I do.

I have a wireless (as do most of my friends), that's how I know they're not tracked.

It's a very stealth way to visit without the eyes of Big Brother drilling into you but just the same...missing record of plenty of traffic.
Thanks, but...

This isn't the solution...I posted here for the folks that write the code. I appriciate your trying to give me a work-around but it's flat out a feature request...something the product is currently lacking.
Ok, so you didn't try it. Fair enough. Suit yourself.

You'd have found out, however, what the counter can actually track, as those are most of the very same scripts available to Statcounter. What the counter does that I don't do is store the logged information and then report it back to you and adding the geo-location information.
For your information, since you did in fact use the url I gave here, what was logged is:

27 Aug 10:38:07 MSIE 5.22 PPC 1024x768 United States ......

So your visit was logged and reported. :lol:
Do you have to respond to EVERY post?

FYI, I didn't hit your site via my wireless.

Thanks again but really...I'd rather hear from someone who actually works for StatCounter and can answer with real, inside knowledge.
Hey Maigh,

My tracker tracks my PALM and reports it. That is similar to what you are asking. There should be no reason why it is not tracking your other wireless devices. Perhaps there is another reason behind it we can help figure out.

Hope it helps
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