Two Recurring Problems over the Past Three Days

For the past three days, I find two problems when viewing StatCounter on Safari and FF:Mac.

1. There's a lag time with page-load. Usually, I move from page to page within half a second to a second. For two days, it takes eight to ten seconds for StatCounter to nee pages. The lag is consistent with every click.

2. When the project page opens, the URL shown for opening and closing page links is somewhat abbreviated. however, when I look at individual visitor data, the URL is only three inches wide, preventing me from seeing complete URLs longer than 30 characters.

Is there a way for me to refresh StatCounter so it performs normally as it has for years? I sure hope so, because it's frustrating trying to (1) wait for the page changes and (2) look for complete URLs of web pages and downloaded documents. Please advise.

Thank you.
But I am viewing with Firefox 10.0 on a PC and experiencing the same issues.
Has someone been fiddling with the CSS? Server very busy? Database needs pruning?

Whatever the cause (s) it is making what is usually a very pleasant experience something of a chore.

Could someone please look into these issues?
FWIW, this forum is loading much more slowly than usual.
Just to add another data point: I'm seeing the same issue: truncated page/URL names on the Visitor Paths page. It's as if a CSS div object has been accidentally made narrower.
Someone at SC is clearly aware of this issue as today page URLS are shown in 'Visitor Paths' rather than title tags (which was the case yesterday and for some days prior).

Showing the page URL rather than the title was always the norm until this change (now, it seems, reverted!).

Please don't keep your loyal and appreciative (paying...hint) users in the dark and let us know what is going on.

Thank you! :)
On Visitor Paths pages I'm now seeing the full title (not the URL), but the titles have plus signs (+) where spaces should be. For example, "My+Awesome+Web+Page."
The "+" signs

Same problem here that began yesterday. Not seing complete URL but the most annoying would be the "+" signs for our webpages titles where spaces are like the example mentioned "My+Awesome+Web+Page." Hate it.
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