unable to log in

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I can't get the page to load, so I don't know if I would be able to log in. The stat counter site (other than blog and forum) is just not loading.


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The login issue is reported to support.

I have the same problem myself, even if I usually never log out. :confused:
Resetting password didn't not work for me.
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Invalid login

I also have the same problem and have 6 sites I can not access. Was able to log in this morning, can not now, seems as the same problem a couple months ago which was on thier side, had the same thing, disappointed it has reoccured so soon.

reported via email - support no 106730

add - This happened a month ago, exactly the same problem. I put a ticket in and it did get sorted, this time im not messing changing any of my passwords etc,

very dissapointed this has reoccured after just a month of last time and very angry nothing from statcounter saying even they are looking into it!
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Can't Log IN

Having the same problem here: using the correct user name and password, and yet unable to log in. Please fix this problem ASAP. This is the biggest problem I have encountered since I signed up about five and a half years ago.
Unable to Reset

I tried to use the "Forgot Password?" feature to reset my password, but StatCounter hasn't sent me any "password details" it promises on the Web site. I still cannot log in. Please fix this problem ASAP!
here we go again

Reset password failed to generate a password-reset email.

are the StatCounter people aware this is happening?
Same here, had to use the "Forgot password?" to get it to work with the same pw as I used before. :confused:
Tried first to just rewrite it in the log in form, that didn't work.
It won't send me a reset link to the email that my account is on.
I'm hoping my account wasn't jacked......or worse yet, the database to the site....
Same problem here, but a password reset appears to have sorted it though.

On a side issue, why isn't there a link to the forum on the new look site?
I flicked it back to the old version to find the link here.
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