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I'm new in the forum, but have been employing Statcounter on my websites since 2008. Great service.

I have question which may have been asked before, however after searching, I was unable to find any previous thread which addresses it.

I have a website on which I capture subscribers to a newsletter. I've noticed on occasion that there are times when a visitor subscribes to the newsletter, but the visit never shows up on Statcounter. Neither the visitor nor the visit shows up. I get an IP address from my autoresponder service that shows the IP of any subscriber, then when I go to Statcounter to verify where this subscriber came from (what city and try to match the IP address) there is no such visitor which shows up in the Statcounter stats.

Is this common? Can visitors block their activity when visiting a website with Statcounter code on it? I mean are there ways to enter a website and subscribe to a list without the actual visit to the website showing up in the Statcounter stats?

I've had this occur three or four times in the last several months.

Usually, I'm able to track my subscriber/visitors down by the IP address to find out what city it is coming from. But on these instances, it is like the visit was erased as it never shows up by IP when I try to locate by time or IP address when and where the visitor showed up.

I appreciate anyone who can shed some light on this happenstance. Thank you.
Any visitor whose browser blocks third party images will not be detected by any third party tracker like Statcounter.

Blocking third party images is a typical privacy setting in browsers.
Many people opt for that, precisely so they cannot be tracked, and there's nothing that can be done about it.

Furthermore a visitor using a proxy will likely show up in server logs and your autoresponder with the proxy's IP, but in Statcounter, if detected at all (i.e. not blocking third party images) it may show up with the true IP behind the proxy if it's available.
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Thank you for your reply, Webado. Much appreciated.

That at least explains something that this tech deficient user can chew on and understand.
You need to set during registraion

Hi, Initially when you will get register in statcounter at that time you need to check option for showing your details then you will able to show else it will hide. You can also try from setting section after registrations..