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i have a xanga account and all of my visitors are logging except one person that continuously comes. i can see their state on my footprints on xanga but i cannot ever see their stat or IP address on my statcounter or any other anti stalker thing i have. why can't i track them on anything? why would this be? :?
It will be somebody or something with an image disabled browser (all images or just third party images are disabled). Statcounter, as a remotely hosted service, cannot detect thsoe. Xanga, since it's their own site, can.

Most probably those are robots that you see traces of in any case.
Robots, spiders, bots, crawlers. Programs usually deployed by search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo and others to crawl, read and index the entire web so that you can perform searches after that.

Browsers have settings to deiable or enable vaiours things. IE is a bit tricky to get to just thrid party imegs, but you can disable all images in Tools > Innternet Options ? Advanced. In Firefox you can easily dsiable just images from a site differnt than the one being visited.

The Statcounter tracking script is being used as an image - the only way it can be since it's not hosted on the site where it's being used. Because it's from a different site than the current one being viewed (in your case ,Xanga), it's a third party image. Blocking that blocks Statcounter's script from detecting anything.
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wow...thanks for your help.

i'm really interested in figuring out if this is a real person with firefox or something or if it's just the "bots". the visitor is always from the same state....and some of my friends have xanga and the same thing is happening to them. any ideas?
no, you see, i don't have their IP address. none of the spy things i have will track this visitor. only footprints will track it and footprints doesn't track IP addresses. only the state where they are from.
That's worthless then. You in fact know nothing.

Do you get any stats at all through your counter? if not, it's not inserted right maybe.
I have xanga and the footprints feature shows what xanga users are coming, shows their xanga site, referring page, etc. so you can tell who goes to your site. if they are NOT signed in, or don't have a xanga at all, it just shows what page they visited on your site and what state they are from. my statcounter and all my anti-stalker sites can track everyone, except this ONE visitor. does this mean that this visitor must have firefox? or could this in fact be a robot, crawler etc....even though it shows a state they are from....any ideas would help...i'm really trying to track this person.
Your Xanga "footprint" feature then only gives you some geo-location but no the actual IP address of the visitor. To get the geo informaiton they had to have the IP, but I supsoe they don't want to share it, probaly in order to protect the pruvacy of other users who may be visiting your page.

If you know the IP (and thus the ISP) you can figure out if it's a robot or a human.
Since Statcounter did not give the informaiton at al, it's most likely an image disabled robot which does not get detected by Statcounter at all.

It can also be a human using a browser with images disabled as I said before. Same effect.
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