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I had my website checked with the W3C markup validation service and it came up with 7 mistakes ... that were all in the StatCounter Code! (If you're interested, see results here.)
I'm not greatly alarmed or anything but I just wondered if you (at StatCounter) were aware of this. I would appreciate any tips on maybe correcting the code, though :).

Sandra Daniels
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Hi Sandra,

Your results link is not working! Would be interesting to see what your errors are. I get zero errors on Transitional XHTML but quite a few Strict XHTML errors on embedded Flash audio players that I use. Never had a Statcounter error.



Sandra, did you tick the "Must be XHTML compliant" box when generating your Statcounter code? I suspect not.

Either generate your code again, ticking the XHTML option OR insert a "/" where shown in red ....

alt="blogspot counter" /></a></div></noscript>
<!-- End of StatCounter Code -->

Problem solved!

YES, that was all there was to it! I feel a bit like a novice :oops: but / and my site is (W3C-) flawless now to fit that feeling. Thanks JWJ!

Corrected link

Hi RichardHK,

As you can see the problem has been solved. But if you're still interested, the link in my first posting is working now!

:cool: Sandra
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