waiting for c.statcounter.com problem

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I run a video site. I have statcounter installed on it. I have one member who has recently been telling me that wheh he tries to view videos, he gets the 'waiting for c.statcounter.com' message at bottom of screen and video takes forever to load and play.....everything seems to just hang

However I have several thousand members and no-one else complains about this. He gets the same problem with Firefox and IE9.

Anyone any ideas why only one person seems to be experiencing this problem?

Maybe something in that computer/connection is blocking the domain c.statcounter.

As far as I we all know statcounter loads fast for everybody. It really doesn´t take time or resources (just a bit).

cheers :)

Car Guy

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The problem is that visitor's computer cannot connect to the Statcounter site because of network problems, or as mentioned www.statcounter may be blocked.

If the counter code on that page is placed at the end of the code, anything before that should load even if the Statcounter code doesn't.
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