We bought a new house!

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Hi Folks :)

We just bought a new house! 10 months looking for the perfect pod for us 2 lil beans.
All the legal bumph takes 6 weeks so we can't move in till Nov 1st... and we haven't seen inside the house for a month before we decided to buy it, so we can't remember everything at all!

I don't know what buying a house is like in your country... I guess it sux big time everywhere. We are just so happy that its done and now we can look at renovations to put our little stamp on it.

Google: Purple Bathrooms with huge bubble bath

Congrats and long may you own it in good health :)

We will want pictures of course :)

Specifically of the purple bathroom. It could be a real plum :lol:
Congtratulations, Mark and Nicolle. Enjoy it, do anything you want to it, except pull it down. Barbara and I spent 5 years renovating a 500 year old cottage in Wales - lots of hard work, but a great feeling when it's finished - and lots of great stories to tell.
Congratulation Mark. Yes, buying a house is a pain. Then you have to maintain the thing.

I hope it doesn't take 5 years to get the remodel done like benmore.

We are starting on some repairs on our house. When the wife complains about the time involved I'll point her at this thread. :)
na it is perrrrrrrrrrrrrfect as it is! Really purty. I keep trying to think of a nice "Texas" housewarming gift. Something unique.............hmmmmmmmmmm maybe a set of those ah dried out bull's things?
Barbara and I spent 5 years renovating a 500 year old cottage in Wales
We don't have any 500 years old... But ours is over 100 which aint too bad for here :) (It maybe 1850's but probably 1880's)

The dining room table is set into the floor so we get to keep it! It seats 10... The walls are sandstone.

The lounge room bricks are 'Sandstock' very old convict made things that have a lot of impurities that burn black marks in the kiln. 20 years ago you'd plaster them over, now they are very trendy!

It is 2 levels, so though it looks small (OK it is small) its not too bad for the area which is just 2 Kms from the centre of Sydney city, 3KMs from the Opera House.

6 weeks till we move in :(
Congrats to you both. Love the house pics. SMALL? There's nothing small about that, at least, not compared to what we have in the UK. Looks terrific. :wink:
Lots of surfaces and crevices to dust though ;)
Wow, Thanks Christina! You've given me a great idea for Nicolles Christmas present! A mop, a bucket and a feather duster! Ooops, thats 3 presents! :confused:


House warming party! When is it?
Thats something I can't wait for :) I love doing parties and our appartment for the last 4 years has ween way to small for a party.
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