Weekly report stats error

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If I want to check historically the weekly stats let's say to this week (week 24 2014), from week 24 2011 the stat I receive is:

From week 1 to week 24 2011, and then from week 1, 2012 ---> to week 24, 2012; week 1, 2013 --->week 24, 2013 and the same from this year
The stats are skipping all the data from week 25 to 52 on 2011, 2012, 2013.
So I'm unable to see historically weekly stats.

Also if I input to get the stats from a week in any previous year higher than current week (let's say week 35, 2013) I get the message:
"No data selected.
Please select to show page loads,
returning visits and/or unique visits"

The Unique visits and Returned Visits are checked when I request this stat.
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