What does the 500 limit mean?

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The 500 limit, in the case of free accounts, refers to the number of page loads, or page views that are recorded to your Project in your Statcounter account, for which you get “detailed” stats. It’s not 500 visitors. You might have 100 visitors load 5 pages, or 5 visitors load 100 pages, it’s the same 500.

By “detailed” stats, we mean your visitor’s IP address, their ISP, city, country, browser, operating system, screen resolution, referrer, etc.

What happens when you reach 500? Do you have to reset your account, or delete entries? Or do you have to pay when the limit is reached?

No! Your counter simply keeps on going! If you have a visible counter, it will keep counting; the numbers on your Summary page will keep going up past 500 and beyond!

It’s the “details” that you won’t have for page loads older than 500. The details for the older page loads "drops off" as they are replaced by newer ones. You always have detailed stats for the most recent 500 page loads. You can go to your Summary page at any time and define the dates to which you would like to view your New, Returning & Unique visitors over the lifetime of your account. Your Summary stats are for life!

The 500 limit is a maximum number of records kept at anytime in your Project, or website. Time is not relevant. Your website might not use the 500 limit in a month, or it could use it up in a few hours. If and when you decide to upgrade your account to get more detailed stats, remember to add the free 500 to what ever size you’re upgraded to :-D
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