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You already have outbound clicks - it's called exit links.

FWIW you can figure out each visitor's bounce rate by seeing how many pages they visited and over what period of time and whether they exited or not (i.e. just closed the browser rather than clicking an exit link).

If they only visited one page you know right away they either found exactly what interested them on that one page or didn't and didn't care to look anywhere else.

I set no score on that sort of metric for obvious reason.

It would help to be able to block specific URL traffic from the site, to eliminate the spambots hitting my webpages from "seoairport.com". Blocking IP#s won't work on this, due to them using global numbers from all over the world. The one thing in common is that they are all from seoairport.com. I never signed up for any traffic from that site and can't find my URL at their site.
It's referrer spam, using a fake referrer url so that whatever tracking code you use might record that. In fact it might not even be an actual visit of your site, only using your tracker to record fake hits with fake referrers. The purpose is to make you click it to see what it is.

Change your security string and reinstall the tracking code, it might end that.
I want to be able to see clicks on an image

I want to be able to see clicks on an image.
On my site I had an image gallery with thumbnails linking(href) to the bigger picture.
In the past I was able to see on which thumbnail was clicked because it was registered as a download.
Now I have a new image gallery that is still using thumbnails but "href" isn't used anymore.
So now I can't see which thumbnail has been clicked.
Would it be possible to see if an image,which is not a link, was clicked?
I'm also using Google Analytics and there I can see the clicks on an image as an "event".I can see which image was clicked by looking at the "event label"
It would be nice if something like this was also possible on Statcounter so I don't have to use the GA anymore.
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