What feature would you like to see?

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hopefully we will simply tap on an IP address from say, the site hit screen and have it to a who is and so forth reconnoiter it. As point by point as could be expected under the circumstances.
You will see a report on any click to outgoing links provided you placed the tracking code on all pages and at the very bottom of your source code, just before the </body> tag.

Bounce rate is nothing special - it's just your 0 second visits, because if only one page is visited by a visitor then it cannot compute a length of visit other than 0 seconds.
The Statcounter tracker detects and counts hits differently from Google Analytics.

Search Analytics in Search Console doesn't report everything either, plus it lags 2-3 days or longer.

The keyword analysis shows good search query, but it is different from Search Console for total hits. Is it bug or something?
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