What is Pinging and Importance in Off-Page SEO?

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    What is pinging?

    Pinging is a process in which you submit you site or blog to different search engines or web directories by pinging tool. Pinging tool is very popular to index your site or blog to major search engines in short time. You will get auto backlink from these tools which help to increase your site ranking in organic search results.

    How Pinging is Important in Off-Page SEO?

    Pinging is one of the effective way to index your blog or site to different search engines or web directories. You should use many other tricks to get high ranking and to drive more traffic to your site. But you should also start pinging which works as icing on cake because it will provide the fast results for getting auto backlinks and to improve your site indexing.

    As a SEO expert, I also do pinging and it really works great for me. It brings many backlinks to my site which helps to increase my site ranking in organic search results.

    But one thing you make sure if you are pinging, avoid submitting same URL to same pinging sites many times.

    Don’t ping same URL to different SEO tools as there is no benefit to submit same URL to same search engines over and over.

    As a SEO expert, I will recommend you to submit the same URL to different pinging tool not more than 2-3 times.

    This is fast and relevant information for Off-Page SEO, I have done SEO for my blog, So now this is your turn to submit your blog. In my next blog, I will share pinging sites to Improve off-page SEO.
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    This type of pinging is a spam generating process. You are not doing any favors to your clients by doing and encouraging this.

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