What is the difference between a free and an upgraded account?


StatCounter Team
Our free service is aimed at websites with 250,000 pageloads per month or less and offers lifetime summary stats and a detailed analysis of your last 500 pageloads.

StatCounter offers what we believe is the best free web counter service in the world - it is StatCounter's foundation, and we constantly strive to improve it. In fact, our free service offers more than most pay-only services! However, some of our members have demanded even more, and so we have introduced a number of optional upgrades to enhance the service available for such users. With Upgrades you have:-

1. Increased Logsize (depending upon plan you choose)
2. https Secure StatCounter Code.
3. Detailed Email Reports
4. Option to disable ads completely when you login in your StatCounter account. (Note: we NEVER put any ads on your website where counter is installed)
5. Option to brand your StatCounter account by uploading your own logo/banner.
6. Priority support when you contact us with your questions.

To upgrade your account, simply click on Upgrade link at top after logging in your statcounter account.