Where are these visits comming from?

I get an awful lot of visits on one particular site of mine which come from 'Mountain view california'. Now I know that that is often a Google bot, but these visits seem to suggest they are coming to my site via a keyword - so apparently its not a googlebot.

But I get so many of these (on one particular site) every single day, that I really would like to know what they are. They all have Mountain view california as the referral

I have attached an example -

would really appreciate if anyone knew what these visits are!



It's a Google IP. Not necessarily a robot, it can be a user from Google, using an Android device.
thanks for reply. So you are saying these are probably real human visitors? Hmm I don't know what I'm ranking for, but it seems to suggest my keyword is well ranked...according to the info beside the data.

Looking at these 'google' visitors behaviour on the site (only ever view the homepage), I'm not personally convinced these are human visits though.

I just get so many of these particular visits, that it's really baffling me

(ive attached an example of the latest one)

maybe I will nenver know, but appreciate your reply


Google often conducts a battery of tests to see how a site responds to different user agents and to ensure there's no cloaking.

IE 8 is an old browser, normally not even used with Windows 7.
Hence it's probably IE 10 or IE 11 used with the option to emulate IE 8.

You'll never really know why it's done unless you repeat similar tests yourself to see what that user sees. And yes, the user may well be a machine, a smart robot that emulates a human.