Why are you charging me an additional fee for my upgrade?


StatCounter Team
We do not levy any additional charges on our upgrades outside of the invoice amount.

In 2008, however, some US banks began levying a foreign exchange fee on USD payments made to corporations with bank accounts OUTSIDE the US.

The fee seems to be a standard 3% - for example a payment of $39 to StatCounter incurs a fee of $1.17. Correspondingly, a charge of $19 incurs a fee of $0.57. A charge of $9 incurs a fee of $0.27.

As this fee RELATES to your StatCounter transaction, it seems that many banks are either adding their bank fee to the StatCounter invoice amount OR stating it as a second charge from StatCounter. This is obviously causing some confusion but is, unfortunately, outside of our control.

We stress that this additional fee is not applied by StatCounter but by your bank. You can confirm this charge with your bank should you wish.