Why does sitemap generator NOT see .asp pages?

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I had a site go live today, after almost a year. I converted all but one .html pages to .asp pages. I wanted to utilize ssi in those. However, I went to use the above tool to generate a xml site map and it only finds the one .html page.

I realize I can make one manualy, but wondered why the tool does not see or included those pages.

Any idea's?

New site is on a windows server thus the asp extension.
As a reputable guess, ( Arne will probably comment on this :p ), I'd say maybe it's because Active Server Pages are just that - active and the software can't deal with this. HyperText Markup Language pages ( by comparison ) could be called Passive Server Pages :-D
ASP has to generate html code in order for anything to be rendered. Just like php ultimately has to produce html code. Yet that sitemap generator has no trouble generating a sitemap for any of my php sites.

I'd take another guess. Perhaps there is javascript also on the asp pages which controls the pages. Maybe it's so javascript heavy that with javascript off nothing is left for the bot to crunch on.
well, these pages are not rendered on the fly! I don't know how to do that. They are regular html pages that I saved as .asp pages as .shtml would not work on the server. Very simple stuff, one js on the main asp page, not anywhere else and the second generator found that page. The rest of the pages, eeee gads get this, contain tables! what in the world did I do that? for client updating possibly.

They do include includes! I tried another site generator, and it found the index.html and one of the asp pages. odd

So I made the xml site map myself.

Submitted it to google sitemaps and verified it. I have not gone back to see if it has any errors or not.
gosh don't pick on me ok! html page (enter) page I kept as it has been up and online for over a year, and already has been googled and chached. Didn't want to lose all that so kept one page index.html and made the rest asp.

Site is not finished, but it may not ever be. Went live today and still no visitors of any kind! cooperation................... not.
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