Why is StatCounter saying our site has NO activity??? That's wrong!!!


StatCounter Team
Usual Problem
The usual problem here is that your StatCounter code has either become corrupted (e.g. it's been partially deleted) OR it has been removed (in error) from your site altogether.

PLEASE check your site to see if your StatCounter code is still properly installed BEFORE posting in the forum or contacting the Support Team.

How do I Check if StatCounter is installed?
One way to check your site is to view the SOURCE CODE of your site. First open your web browser and visit your site.

In Firefox: Go to "View" in the top navigation bar and then choose "Page Source"

In IE: Go to "View" in the top navigation bar and then choose "Source"

In both browsers this action opens up the underlying code of your site. Search through this code for your StatCounter code.

(You can press the "Ctrl" key and the "f" key at the same time to open the "find" box if you wish and search for "statcounter" or "sc_project" )

No StatCounter Code
If there is NO StatCounter code on your site, then this explains your problem. If the StatCounter code is NOT installed, we CAN'T track any information about your site.

StatCounter Code Found - check if it's corrupted
If you do find some StatCounter code on your site, you need to confirm that the code has not become corrupted. To do this, regenerate your StatCounter code within your StatCounter account. Compare the code in your website source code with the newly generated code. If there are ANY differences you should reinstall the code on your site. This is because, if your StatCounter code is broken, we can't properly track information about your visitors.

StatCounter Code - installed perfectly
If your StatCounter code appears to be perfectly installed, then you should check the Service Status Forum for any maintenance which could be affecting your stats. If there is nothing posted in the Service Status Forum, then please post your concerns here in the forum or contact the Support Team and we will be happy to help you asap.
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