Will statcounter in forum record search engine visits?

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OK so let me try this question again, away from the email controversy:

I have a forum I set up for some seo:

I am using a regular javascript coded project to see if google or other bots are indexing my forum.

If you look in the footer of every page you will see the code.

So my question is, since bots are not browsers, will the visits be recorded by statcounter?
I've had GoogleBot show up in my stats on and off for several months, this is what it says when they crawl my sites
crawl-66-249-73-88.googlebot.com (Google Inc) [Label IP Address]

California, Mountain View, United States
Hope that helped a little.
The answer is yes and no, with much more emphasis on no.
Crawlers are most commonly not javscript enabled etc so they don't trigger sc code to record their presence.
Server logs show robotic visitors in some detail including hits on robots.txt which can help identify less reputable visitors such as scrapers and the like which you may want to block with .htaccess entries.
The reason you don't see robtos is not because they are javscript diabled (which they are) but because they are image disabled usually, except for a few of them which are image enabled such as Googlebot Image.

The only visitors that get detected by Statcounter are those that are image enabled.

Being also javscritp enabled provides some extra infromaiton only available through javsscript - such as p[age title, referrer (and all info based on referrer like keywords) and screen size.
I did get this the other day:

Jul 25 02:27:56 AM Googlebot-Image 0 unknown unknown
Mountain View, California, United States (Google)

No referring link
...so I did record a hit from google. Must be from google images, right?
Right, that is what I meant. But there are different spiders for google search and google image search? And it sounds like the statcounter logs will never show, say, yahoo or msn search spiders?
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