Yahoo visits

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Lately I've noticed a resurgence in visits from Yahoo! being counted as though they were real visits.

Total Visits:
Sunnyvale, California, United States
IP Address:
Yahoo! ( [Label IP Address]
Referring URL:
(No referring link)

(lots of these across many sites; also some Inktomi which are essentially the same thing - Slurp)

I have crawlers and bots blocked on all my projects - why can't it also block these Yahoo visits?
As I mentioned, I already have that option set. It's supposed to be blocking crawlers and bots now. I double checked the profiles, and it's still checked.
Actually that hit you mentioned does not carry the type of information that pegs it as a robot. It must be that the user agent did not correspond to a robot.
Interesting, if unfortunate. Getting hundreds of these, so I'm pretty sure they're bots. And they screw up my stats, so I'll need to move to something else then. Thanks for your input.
They could be bots, but if they don't actually present a user-agent saying they are robots, there's not much else you can do.
If you removed the <noscript> part from the tracking code it's impossible to still see robot hits.

Keep in mind that is as of when you removed it, it will not apply retroactively to hits already logged.

But I still see the <noscript> code on your homepage.
I dunno which one you're looking at; I only took it off one site as a test (and I have around 70 sites or so in my account) Checking the source code, there's only still a noscript in there for the quantserve pixel.
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